Mal wieder ein Versuch, den Unterschied zwischen Weblogs und Journalismus zu erklären. Teilweise die altbekannten Argumente, teilweise aber (für mich) neue Ansichten – dass nämlich der Blogger durch seine eher persönlichen Einträge transparenter und damit vertrauenswürdiger wird als der gesichtslose Journalist:
“Blogging is really a manifestation of a new “Trust Movement” and undercurrent of people both liberal and conservative who feel they are unable to have trust in the world around them and disavow unethical behavior in the name of profit, religion, and democracy. Trust is earned through ethical, predictable, and fair behavior. How do we know if you are being ethical and fair? The only way for us to even have half of a chance to know for sure is if you are consistently transparent and do not attempt to hide things which may be viewed as unethical for your own benefit. Eventually people figure it out and your credibility and reputation is tarnished for a very very long time.”

(via Beissholz)