Heh, wieder Mark Cuban, “Entrepreneur” und Besitzer des NBA-Teams “Dallas Mavericks”.

In seinem neuesten Eintrag Mishegaas?.again treibt er zwei namentlich genannte Journalisten splitterfasernackt durch die Landschaft:

Speculation gets extremely entertaining when it comes from Media. I know what is going on. Listening to what all the ?pundits? [Experten] have to say, not only proves how little they know, but more far more interesting to me, it proves how willing they are to lie, or try to mislead people into thinking they know something.

Its always the old favorites that seem to slime their way to the top. I was listening to the Dan Patrick Show, and they had Sam Smith on. My buddy from the Chicago Tribune [Zeitung]. Lets just hope the accountants for the Tribune Company have a higher regard for accuracy in reporting than Sam the Sham does.

[…] Sam then does his daily rip on the Mavs, and in particular, our new draft pick [Nachwuchsspieler], Pavel. Who he calls a stiff.

How about this for a challenge Sam the Sham Smith?.I will donate 10k dollars to the charity of your choice if you can prove that you had ever seen Pavel play, in person, or on tape […].

Then of course there is Peter Vescey. Peter is wrong so often its hard to keep up. I will give him credit for being entertaining. This week he wrote (calling it reporting would be so wrong?) that Steve Nash was mad at the Mavs because we hadnt made an offer to him?.Where in Europe did you talk to steve , where he has been on vacation since the end of the season ? I guess I should ignore the emails he has sent me and listen to you instead Peter.

Der Mann ist leicht erregt gewesen ;-) Blogs, I’m lovin’ it