So the shit hit the fan: Mashable and GigaOm run the story of StudiVZ, their Nazi style party invitation – and the sales negotiations with their American model I guess what┼Żs happening now between and the unexperienced founders will teach them to stop bragging around. My whistleblower from inside the company – since Ehssan Dariani has a strange taste for nasty videos I call him “deep throat” ;) – confirms that the founders are under pressure, since they don┼Żt want their users to know what maybe is coming up next. Many Germans are quite aware of privacy issues, and Facebook┼Żs pricacy terms seem to be a violation of common European and German legal standards.

To give a little bit more details on the talks: In a time beyond any privacy standards I┼Żm able to provide some picture just a few minutes before the news about the talks in America started to spread. Flickr shows the pr-desaster in the making. You know, running a successful start-up in Germany means to attend a lot of wannabe-US-conferences, and one of those seems to be named after the dotcomcrash famed idea!lab incubator. It all happens in the idyllic town of Vallendar at the elite university WHU Beisheim School. And this is where worlds collide – even if you are one of the happy few to attend, even if you do a good presentation, you must not show that arrogant Silicon Valley disrespect for old European elites that reminds everybody of that stupid Dotcom hubris. This is a very bad idea. Because, if you┼Żre hanging out with one of your business angel after the show, having a good meal and everyone around you is bragging about their success, growth and exit options – you might start telling what you are going to do with your smart gruschel company. You tell them about your friendship with the founders of Facebook, about the journey over the ocean … and you don┼Żt mind the person that doesn┼Żt like your inappropriate behaviour, that t-shirt-thingy, your cheap ringtone-investors, but you don┼Żt give a damn to those listening, you┼Żll be a star, you┼Żll sell all that crap to Mark Zuckerberg, making you the first new Dotcom millionaire in Germany, and H├Âlle, you┼Żre fcuking cool and you love the way they stare at you.

In fact, you┼Żre not really wise. This person happens to be an old friend of the notorious Don Alphonso Porcamadonna (moi), the infamous startup killer of the Munich Area, and just two weeks later Don is going to rip up some of your very private parts. And this person tells him what you┼Żve been bragging. Don starts to ask questions, talks to others close to your company, the other founders have been talking too much, too – and in the end you find yourself and the “best kept company secret” on No. 1 of Technorati search. And poor Mark Zuckerberg has to say “No comment”, as another source close to confirms.

Well son, that┼Żs the way I love your Web2.0. Or, as another participant of the Vallendar mess states:

“We discussed if we┼Żre in a bubble. We all agreed that this is not the fact and we learned from the mistakes done in Web1.0”.