After this story about stealth mode authors on fakeblogs for Walmart, the top blogger of Edelman Steve Rubel asks for advise how to go on with topics like transparency, authenticity and, well, credibility. IŽm just a blogger from the tiny, crappy German Blogosphere (copyright Edelman Germany), but of course IŽm willing to help. I would suggest Edelman to tell the whole story. Because the story of those three authors revealed to the public is just the next act in an opera buffa full of lies, blunder and forgery. So I wrote a comment on SteveŽs blog:

Mr. Rubel,

quite simple: Tell us the whole truth. Those three Edelman employees of and arenŽt experienced professionals, theyŽre newbies. There are virtually no traces of them at Google. Kate Marshall of paidcritics graduated from James Madison University in 2004:

“Date Posted: July 25, 2006
Name: Kate Marshall
Year Graduated: 2004
Location: Alexandria, VA 22314 USA
Email Address:
Employer: Edelman
Message: I’m onto job #2, this time working as an account exec at Edelman Public Relations Worldwide in DC. I work on the Wal-Mart account and am usually responsible for researching, creating backgrounders, fact sheets, and talking points, and pitching the media. The job is awesome (never a dull moment) and the environment and people at Edelman are great too. Drop me a line if you’re in DC and/or are interested in working here. Good luck, smaddies!

What Edelman wants to tell the blogosphere is that some twentysomethings, none of them with blogging experience according to Technorati, were allowed by the third largest worldwide PR firm to run the two fake blogs for an important PR campagne of the worlds largest retailer, trying to fight the behemot of trade union campagnes and political uproar all over the USA..

IŽm sorry, IŽm just a journalist, but Edelman had 35 PR consultants working on that project. I do believe that Kate Marhall, Miranda Grill and Brian McNeill do exist, and I do believe that there are obviously accounts with their names at those blogs.

What I donŽt believe and I guess noone accustomed to PR buzz will believe is that those three pals are responsible for anything that is writen or said on those two blogs. There are others who decide what is said and done. According to a source inside Edelman there are a bunch of Edeman consultants behind Brian, Miranda and Kate.

I donŽt know wether if are simply the pawn sacrifice. But they are definitely the curtain to hide a certain man. The guy who said: “ThatŽs the way we gonna do it. WeŽll hide EdelmanŽs engagement from the public”. Richard Edelman took the responsibility, we now know the names of those at the front end. But the truth is what is inbetween those pals offered to the public and Richard Edelman. It took Richard Edelman four days to get the facts. I donŽt think itŽs a wise decision to hide those facts for another four days. Because, if yu donŽt tell, someone will find out. In the meantime everyone will be talking about the man behind the curtain. We all see the shoes. I thought they were red, with the sign “rathergate” on them.

My source said Mike Krempasky isnŽt the man behind the courtain. Well, who else?